Kelly is having a baby girl. Kelly is my daughter-in-law's younger sister.I teased Kelly (on facebook) that no one names their baby girls Debbie anymore. I asked her, " What's wrong with Debbie? Old names are popular again."  She replied.."If I had a mother in law as nice as you are, I would consider naming my baby Debbie."

I did mention that I did this teasing on facebook right?

Well, my daughter-in-law, Annie saw it and commented, "Thanks for throwing me under the bus sis!"  Annie has given me 2 beautiful grand daughters who neither one is named Debbie....not even the mention of the "D" word in the middle name.  lol  

When Kelly's little darling was born she named her Cadence. But I made her a baby quilt anyway! I also threw in a little bib for Cadence to wear.  What do you all think?

Disclaimer......Since most of you dont know me.... I WAS teasing with Kelly. I WAS teasing with my Annie.
 They both know that I am just joking around so please dont think I was being a terrible person .

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  1. You know for being a DebbIE... And being AnnIE... And CarrIE... And even posting this on KellIE's wall... You would think you'd know how to spell her name right... Haha But the story is still cute and funny... ;)