Denise Peeters
Debbie Pine

I taught a LANDSCAPE class at Quilter's Heaven
this week.
It was a class that forced
quilters to think outside their
comfort zone because there was
NO PATTERN and they practiced
freemotion thread arts. We made up the mountain scene as we created. I think you can tell by the smile on
their faces that they were very happy with themselves.They all still have"homework" but I am so proud of them for trying the new technique.!

Nancy Goodman
discovered how to
write her name using
her freemotion skills.
She was one happy woman!


My daughter-in-law, Annie got her big buck today.
My son Jim and Annie live in Great Falls, Montana.
Hunting is a way of life for many in Montana and I am
sure come Monday morning, Jim will be brag'n
to all his co-workers about his "Annie Oakley!"

Sense of Touch

PostCardMailArt is a fiber postcard group
on yahoo. I love this group. It gets my
creative juices moving. We make tons
of our little pieces of art that we mail all
around the world. Its like having a pen pen or
swapping my postcard for yours like my brothers
did with their beloved baseball cards.

Usually the swaps have a criteria or theme.
This particular swap is call "A Sense of Touch."
The criteria was about surface design. The swaps
I enjoy the most are the ones that lots of different
fibers are incorporated.


The First Big Frost

Chicagoland had its first hard frost today. I am NOT READY for winter! I hate winter. I want to retire to Utopia.
I want to live by the ocean. I dream for a place that is sunny all year long, the temperature is always between 65 to 80 degrees and it only rains at night. Oh, it would be a bonus if there was a money tree out my back deck too.

What Do Angels Look Like?

This morning I was thinking about a new swap that I
am putting together in my postcard group in yahoo.

What do angels look like?

I could show a pictures of my granddaughter, Rylan
because when you look into her precious little face,
anyone would say, "What an angel."
Some nights when I get home late from work and I
am really pooped... that pizza guy looks like an angel to me.
When Dave bought my mid arm for me because I
wanted to do my own quilting... ohhhh I treated him like
a super angel for quite a few nights.
And when I am down or sad and I close my eyes,
put my hands together to pray...those angels are
beautiful, mysterious and glorious.
So....What Does Your Angel Look Like?