I have been so bad about posting. Im sorry and I promise to be better NEXT year.  Its hard to believe its almost 2012?! So much happened this year and here are a few things for me to share.
Paris for my birthday!  What a present uh?

We rented an apartment that over looked the Eiffel Tower. It lights up at night and it was so exciting to be sipping on real French wine, bought in a real French store and watching the Eiffel Tower sparkle.

We have moved back to Kentucky in October. We had a house built just for us. Another great gift! I have
2 ovens and a pantry that is bigger than the bathroom!

In our new house, the entire basement is my sewing studio. We have been in the house for two months now and I’m still arranging and rearranging trying to get all my “junk” in just the right places.

We don’t have a home land line… please call us on our cells..those numbers are still the same.

We have 3 beautiful grand daughters, Rylan Poole is 3. Kaylan Poole is 1 1/2. and Addyson Kropp is 1. The girls are 3 of our most precious gifts.

Dave and I went to Great Falls, Montana to visit our Poole kids, Jim and Annie over Thanksgiving. While there, we got to watch Kaylan really get the hang of walking. She is smiling all the time and looks so proud of herself.
Dave and I took the girls to see Happy Feet one afternoon.  The girls and I got settled in our chairs while Dave was getting the munchies we needed. Just as Dave was walking up to us, Rylan spots him… She gets the biggest smile on her face when she saw what he had in his arms ( a gigantic box of popcorn)… She squeals and yells out……… “ohhhhhhhhh PAPA!!  POPCORN! THANK YOU”   Everyone in the theater started chuckling and you should have seen the SMILE on Grandpa’s face. PRICELESS!

 We were greeted with open arms in Townsed, Montana by Annie’s family for Thanksgiving dinner. The gathering was large, noisy and incredible fun.  The McCarthy’s are a very loving family and we had a wonderful time. We are very blessed to have so many friends.

We are driving to Brittney and Mikes house in Arlington Heights, IL this weekend for a special party. Addy is turning 1.  We can’t wait to see how she does when everyone sings “Happy Birthday” and just how much frosting she gets all over her face.

Alex is doing really well at Northern Illinois University. He is a junior and he is living in a townhouse in Sycamore with a roommate this year instead of the dorms. He is discovering the joys of grocery shopping and cooking.  Taco Bell is just a block away so we know he isn’t starving to death.

Dave and I wish all our friends and family the happiest of holidays.
We love you all and hope you come to Kentucky to visit. You are always welcome at our home.

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