I love creating landscapes. I also make landscape wallhanging. When I get an idea for a large wall hanging, I usually mock it up with a 4"X6" postcard that I end up exchanging in my postcard group. Come join me at Both of these are for sale. The price is $25.00.

PostCards done by HAND

More Postcard Swaps

I love landscapes. They are my favorites!


I created a wall hanging that reminds me of my home...MONTANA. I miss it more than I realized until I went for a 2 week vacation. I have been homesick for the last 2 days. I miss my family.
My family visit was wonderful. I had a terrific time hugging everyone at least 3 times. I hope you enjoy looking through all my pictures and you find yourself smiling once in a time.



Here I am with my son, Jim,
my grand daughter Rylan Grace
and my mom, Gail.

Most the time when I want to take Jim's picture he will not smile. But I have learned in the last 6 months....take his picture when he is looking at his daughter.


Mom and Dad and their Great Grand Kids

My Nieces and Their Families

Erin and Brodie Ellis.

This is my niece Erin and her hubby Brodie. My great niece and nephew are Natalie and Hayden. Brodie has his own painting business. Erin just achieved her masters degree in education.
She is a 5th grade teacher in Missoula, Montana.

Hayden is 5 years old. He is very anxious to be in kindergarten.
Natalie is loving life. She is 4 years old.

Jessica and Aaron Flint.
(Jessie and Erin are sisters. My brother Steve is their dad)

Jessie and Aaron have 2 children. Mattie is almost 3 and Jaxson is only a few weeks old. Aaron is stationed in Afghanistan and was lucky enough to get leave to be
with Jessie for the birth of Jaxson.
He has returned to Afghanistan.
Pray for the safe return of Aaron and all his "brothers and sisters."

Please meet Jaxson and his brother Mathew.

Meet my Brother Mike Anderson

This is my "baby" brother Mike.He lives in East Missoula, Montana.
His wife's name is Linda.
Linda loves kids and works for a daycare.
Mike is a carpenter.

Meet my Brother Steve Anderson

This is my little brother Steve. We are only 1 year apart and have always been very close. I wish we lived closer. Chicago to Montana is a long commute for a morning cup of coffee.
Steve and his wife Heather own a bar/restaurant in Trout Creek, Montana. Trout Creek lies between the towns of Paradise and Hope.
The WAYSIDE LOUNGE has great food which Heather is the head chef.
Wednesday is alway Prime Rib Nite.
Steve takes pride in serving the coldest beer in the state.
When you stop in, ask for Skippy.
(He will be the smiling guy behind the bar!)

Steve loves Harley and his dog Hooch!

Grandma's Little SweetHeart is 6 Months Old

ME and MOM

My mom's name is Gail. She was 75 years old May13. Her birthday is sometimes on Mother's Day. She was born on a Friday the 13th. She has 4 children, 4 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren.
She seems to have a constant smile.

When I was growing up, Mom and I didn't always get along. Sometimes, we downright "didn't like" each other.

But just like the old theory I have heard for years.....
The older or smarter "I" get... the more Awesome my mom gets.