Noah's Arc

I made this quilt for my grand daughter.
I really enjoyed the simplicity and colors of the blocks that I just couldn't stop. I had so many extra blocks that I made another.
"Very fun quilt to make." Those words hardly ever come out of my mouth when making a pieced quilt.
You have heard me say before that I am not a piecer. I make Art Quilts. The quilts that I enjoy making have NO corners to match, no seams to meet up to perfection and NO seam rippers allowed... I LOVE ART QUILTS.!

BUT I must say... ever since becoming a grandma, I am really enjoying making "regular" quilts that are used to cover my love ones up. Its like giving them all a special hug from me and this quilt has a minkie backing.... so it is as soft as a babies bottom. It will be perfect for a little one.

PostCard Challenge Workshop

My PostCard Swap Group had a challenge.We each sent a envelope with different fibers and beads for the
participant to make a card. You had no idea what was coming : that was the Challenge! Here's what I made
with the wonderful stuff Nancy G. sent me. Nancy sent me 23 different fibers and beads and hair and tinsel that
all had to fit on a 4"X6" postcard.


Fall PostCards

I have been busy with my Swap Group.
We are exchanging Fall Trees.
Here a few of my Postcards
that I have mailed off to my
postcard group. You think you might
like to try your hand at making some cards?
Come check out PostCardMailArt at yahoo.
You will love making postcards for
friends and family.

Georgie and His New Friend

This is my dog Georgie. We take Georgie for his last walk at 10pm. He sleeps better and WE sleep better if George goes out right before bed. We dont always use a leash. He has leg problems and doest not walk briskly.
We can keep up with him and steer him down the sidewalk with no problems.... OR SO WE THOUGHT!Last night, during our slow, meandering walk, Georgie ran like a streak of lightning. He crossed the street, without looking both ways, to meet a new friend. The new friend hopped kinda like a bunny. The color is unmistakable.Black with a white strip down its back. A SKUNK! They met... nose to nose... and then Georgie's new friend let him have it... It was tail to nose!