Wall Hangings are FUN

Are you ready for Spring yet? I AM!
I took a class from Mickey Depre a couple
weeks ago. This is one of her patterns.
Isnt it cute? Did i mention that Im ready for


I attended a workshop for technics on how to quilt my quilts using the long/mid arm. All the lessons could be used on a domestic machine also. Lots and lots of helpful ideas and since I am just learning how to quilt, every bit of help is much appreciated. The artist was DeLoa Jones. She is very down to earth and is chucked full of knowledge.

I was sitting in the front row and could watch her expressions on her face when she was moving her long arm around. Her face is smiling but her eyes are quite intense. I whispered to the lady next to me "Wouldn't you just love to know whats going on in her head right now?" Her mind must be going hundreds of miles an hour.
I bought one of her books called Deloa's Sampler Solutions and one of her rulers for my mid arm. I cant wait to practice tomorrow on some the technics that were shown. She is having a retreat in Ohio this summer. I'm really thinking about going. If you want to check her out, here is her web site .....www.deloasquiltshop.com

My Quilting Progression

When I first started my quilting life, I made pot holders. I called them Kitchen Quilts.
Next came wall hangings. I bought a pattern that I thought was fun and it was raw edge applique.

I started buying cheater panels, cut them apart and put them back together MY way.
This is my wonkie African Zoo.

Two years ago I discovered my fiber Post Cards. I enjoy this creative side of me. When I make postcards, I make up the pattern, I "pet" the fabric, I sew, glue, paint or tape it down. I send these little "Postal EyeCandy" to many friends all over the world. And the best part is THEY SEND THEIR WONDERFUL ART BACK TO ME!

I adore creating Landscapes. My small postcards have gotten larger. Now my landscapes art is hanging on my walls in my home. I am proud of them. They are beautiful. Most of my larger pictures are about one of my favorite places on earth, FLATHEAD LAKE in MONTANA.

This weekend I made this quilt of sunshine. I AM READY FOR SPRING! Its called "Hot Tamale."

I took a class that my guild offered a few months ago from Colleen Wise called "Casting Shadows." This is my FAVORITE quilt I have made. I love the colors and the illusion of shadows. I cant wait to start quilting this art work on my Janome midarm.

Now here is my next project I have started. I have discovered paper piecing.