A Letter to a Soldier

We are a group of 8 woman who live in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago. We call our small group of quilters the Scrappy Ladies.

In the beginning, Our love of fabric and the art of quilt making united us. Over the years, its our friendship that holds us together. Well that and meeting two times a month to share  family stories, gossip and eat!   We do have lots of fun with each other.

Every year we have handmade projects that we donate. Many times it has been for children centers or hospitals. Last year we made over 700 Holiday stockings that went to the brave service people in Afghanistan.
This year, it is our hope that you will except and enjoy the quilts we have made for you. We don't have to know what you look like or even your name to say "Thank you for your bravery and pride in serving in the military. Thank you for keeping all of us safe by making your unselfish contribution in making our country one of the grandest in the world!"
Our quilts are a small way for us, the Scrappy Ladies to show our gratitude to you for your sacrifice and commitment.

We hope these quilts will give you comfort in knowing that we care.

The Scrappy Ladies

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