PostCards In The Mail

 I create little pieces of art that I make into postcards. They are 4X6 and I send them through the mail to friends and family.

 The giraffe was sent to my 2 year old grand daughter Rylan to remind her that Grandma Dede is thinking of her.
 The floral was made for a postcard swap in a group called PostCardMailArt. Its in yahoo and anyone can join. It was made with rice size pieces of fabric placed on the batting then a fine tole was put on top of that. Then I freemotioned the heck out of it to keep it from falling apart! Its called "If you can squint, you can see my garden."

I loved working on my moon series. Landscapes are my favorites. These were sent to Three Sisters, Oregon to be donated for the auction to raise money for breast cancer research. I hope they brought in a few dollars. 

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