Here is a pictures of my brother Steve and me at one of our earliest experiences at the Drive-In.
The old station wagon had blankets in the back seat so when our parents got tired of us, they would put us to bed and tell us to go to sleep.

I wonder if my mom knew that it was HER fault that we grew up with this addiction to the Go West Drive In when were in high school? I dont think we always went to watch the movies. Many of our friends hung out at the Go West in Missoula Montana. It was a place to socialize, sneak beer and smoke. Ahhhh the memories!

My mom use to make me and my girlfriends take my baby brother to the drive in with us. She thought it was a good way to keep 17 year old girls out of trouble if we had the responsibility of a 3 year old. But guess what?  There was blankets in the back seat and when we got tired of Mikey, we would put him to bed and tell him to go to sleep! But you know.. thinking back... my mom was pretty smart. My friends would all leave the car to see what the boys were up to and I WAS THE ONE WHO STAYED IN THE CAR!!!

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  1. Ahhh Drive In movies. Lots of memories. Not all of them fit for sharing. ;)
    Thanks for the morning smile.